Who we are


Established in 1979, the G&BL brand has become in a short time a point of reference in both Italian and European markets for the manufacturing and sale of cables and accessories. This important result was achieved mainly due to the daily commitment of the entire staff of the company that always aims to offer the most innovative and unique products.

During the years, the attention has always been focused on the quality of products and services in order to guarantee to our clients reliable solutions, personalized in accordance to the different demands of application and market trends. The stability and the trust in the relationships with distributors and suppliers are increased by continuous developments: courses of formation, release of new products and solutions, personalization of the proposals.


G&BL has made investment in human and technical resources its main instrument for innovation and development.


When a customer calls Gbl, the entire company reply.


G&BL is always most focused on the quality of products, in order to provide our clients with reliable and custom solutions.

Quality control and logistics

Innovative spirit and quality are important because they allow to achieve higher standards in products and services.

The Development Research & ensures that G&BL customers always receive the most amazing, advanced products available in the market. Constant checks on the whole production chain, guarantee products of the highest quality.

Merchandising service retail outlets

G&BL packs offer standard sizes for a compact and effective exposure in stores, and informative style that facilitates the choice of the consumer and minimize the time taken to store personnel.