Retail Services

Customer personalization brings intelligence to sales and marketing. Every client is different, every client has his own needs, every client has his own vision and ideas… therefore we try to provide an unique tailored solution in order to match every expectation.

G&BL planogram is a tool for a correct visual merchandising activity, indicating the assignment of retail products on shelves and at the same time the number of facings for each product.

The first step is to create a custom made selection of products starting from our general catalog. We can make a dedicated and customized catalog in electronic format to match any request and personalization.

By analyzing past and current sales patterns, a planogrammer can make successful recommendations about the number of "facings" a certain product should have on a retail display. The diagram will document how high or low on a shelf the product should display, as well as which products should surround it.

  • Maximized sales
  • Improved space value
  • Visual impact
  • Easy Product replenishment