G&BL has developed the most comprehensive range of cables to suit all needs for both domestic and professional Home Theatre and Hi-Fi audio systems. Analog and digital connections for the various devices are performed by professional cables manufactured with high quality materials and by using innovative construction techniques.


G&BL has always been a leader in the Video Connections area thanks to advanced engineering and by using the best technical solutions and materials that are available. Digital HDMI and DVI high resolution cables have always been our core business by providing a wide range of products, some of which still handmade in Italy.


G&BL is making major efforts by investing in the research and development of new solutions in line with the market trends. This includes the engineering of a new range of revolutionary designed wall mount systems as well as the updating the existing ones in line with modern ambient architecture and with the latest technology for new LCD and LED TVs, Ultra slim or Curved.



G&BL has developed a complete range of accessories in Cleaning sector. Depending on technology, sector and materials, different solutions are offered to clean all modern devices.


G&BL has always been skilled in the field of Information Technology by proposing innovative solutions and staying relevant with all the latest technologies.< We can provide all cables and accessories for connecting PCs and laptops with most peripherals such as printers, monitors, power supplies, memory drives and more.


G&BL is member of Apple MFi licensing program. G&BL has recently entered the mobile devices world and has already established itself as a benchmark in the accessories market. The introduction of new technologies such as Soft touch, USB Type C and the reversible USB among the first on the market prove that we are aiming to become a point of reference in the compatible accessories segment.